Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will be postponed to next year. The date will be communicated after the summer break.


Dear colleagues and friends,

We are very pleased to announce the Ion Channel & Cancer Meeting and Calcium Signaling in Cancer ECS session to be held in Lille, France, May 11th to 14th, 2020.
This meeting will be dedicated to exploring ion channel regulation from molecular biophysics to physiology and clinical applications in cancer biology.

The program will revolve around the 9 following topics on Ion channels in:

- Tumor initiation
- Tumor microenvironment
- Tumor growth
- Metabolism
- Tumor cell migration and invasion
- Anti-cancer therapy resistance
- pH changes in tumor
- Therapeutic targeting

And will include one ECS session: "Calcium signaling in cancer"

These sessions will be complemented by two poster parties where we expected ample discussion between young and experienced researchers while having a beer or a glass of wine. 
Eighteen slots are reserved for short oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. Thus, ECS and local organizers would like to encourage young scientists to submit their abstracts (deadline February 29) and to present their latest work!
On behalf of the organizing committee, we are looking very much forward to welcoming all of you in Lille!
Dimitra GKIKA and Natalia PREVARSKAYA


                     Opening lecture                      Plenary lecture


Prof. Greg Monteith

The University of Queensland


Prof. Annarosa Arcangeli

University of Firenze



                                                  Confirmed speakers

Stine Pedersen - University of Copenhagen, Denmark Luis Pardo - Max-Planck-Institute, Germany
Barbara Ehrlich - Yale University, USA Albrecht Schwab - University of Muenster, Germany
Kevin Foskett - University of Pennsylvania, USA Nobuaki Takahashi - Univesity of Kyoto, Japan
Andrea Fleig - University of Hawaii, USA Geert Bultynck - University of Leuven, Belgium
Rainer Schindl - University of Graz, Austria Catherine Leclerc (University of Toulouse, France)
Ildiko Szabo (University of Padua, Italy) Olivier Soriani (University of Nice, France)
Konstantinos Kostantopoulos (John Hopkins University, USA) Xi Huang (University of Toronto, Canada)
Germain Gillet (University of Lyon, France) Juan Rosado (University of Extremadura, Spain)